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Hyper-V Amigos Show Cast – Episode 22 – SMB QUIC

The Hyper-V Amigos are back! It has been a while since our last webinar but we want to make these again more frequently and will try to find the time to do so.

Saturday, February 12t 2022. Carsten Rachfahl (@hypervserver)and Didier Van Hoye (@WorkingHardInIT) live-streamed a webinar on YouTube and Twitter, available for online viewing right here. We discuss SMB over QUIC; a new Microsoft introduced to SMB in Windows Server Datacenter: Azure Edition. Didier has a soft spot for SMB over QUIC and dives into his lab to show it to you. We'll position the technology from both a user's and technologist's perspective and run you through a lab setup. We also discuss some barriers to adoption and show how 3rd party businesses (visualitynq.com) are addressing this while opening SMB over QUIC up to the world. Yes, you will be able to consume SMB over QUIC from almost any device and OS. Take a look!

Reach out to us and let us know if you like the format. It is just us two discussing technology. There is no selling, no marketing, just us thinking aloud and sharing our views.

Hyper-V Amigo Showcast 11 Storage Spaces Direct

imageIn this Showcast Didier and Carsten are playing with a Hyper-converged Storage Spaces Direct System with Windows Server 2016 installed. The show some crazsy performance numbers and even turn 2 of the 4 nodes off. While playing with the Cluster we see also some new Features like Distributed Storage QoS, Cluster and VM Isolation and Cluster Fairshare.

See what’s happening, bring some time the show is a bit lengthy and enjoy the video.

Hyper-V Amigos Showcast Episode 6 Storage Spaces

ThumbIn this show Didier and Carsten talk about features in Storage Spaces. Carsten demonstrate how to get statistics from the Autotiering process, how a Scale-out Fileserver reacts on a catastrophe (power loos) and shows what happens when he turn of an actively used JBOD in a Enclosureaware three JBOD setup.

Have fun watching this Showcast.

P.S.: Here are the links to the mentioned Autotiering.ps1 script and the explaining blog post (in German).

The Hyper-V Amigos Showcast Episode 2: Unmap

imageLast Sunday Didier and I recorded our second Episode of “The Hyper-V Amigo Showcast”. This time we discussed the Unmap Feature in Windows Server 2012 and R2. Didier is so fortunate that his employer has a Dell Compellent SAN Storage that really shines with Unmap. So we took the opportunity to demonstrate a lot of the Unmap feature.

I wish you fun!


P.S.: Here are the posts Didier mentioned in the Showcast:

Windows Server 2012 R2 Unmap, ODX On A Dell Compellent SAN Demo

TRIM/UNMAP Support in Windows Server 2012 & Hyper-V/VHDX

Mind the UNMAP Impact On Performance In Certain Scenarios

Windows Server 2012 VHDX Thin Provisioning Benefits Explored

The Hyper-V-Amigos Episode 1: Who we are


My Friend and Hyper-V MVP college Didier Van Hoye (also known as @WorkingHardInIT) and I (known as @hypervserver) had a creasy idea: doing a Showcase and here comes the problem: in English. So we did our first Episode of “The Hyper-V Amigos” Showcase where we talk about “how we are” and “how we “stranded in IT”.

I hope you have the same fun watching the video than we had recording it.

P.S.: The Intro is spoken by another MVP Kerstin Rachfahl. Unfortunately she is not a Hyper-V MVP but you can’t have everything (and I love here anyway).